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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Salesforce SU22 Summer 22 Release Date & Notes

 Salesforce SU22 Summer ’22 release is right around the corner.

Salesforce SU22 Summer 22 Release Date

There are many agenda items you need to prepare for with each release, but at this stage, there are only a couple of things you need to know: how to prepare your sandbox, and when your instance gets upgraded.

Salesforce SU22 Summer ’22 Release Date

The first thing you should be aware of is when your production instance will be upgraded to the Salesforce SU22 Summer ’22 release. It’s important that you test all your main use cases in your Org before this date to ensure that everything continues to work. Although Salesforce releases rarely have any major bugs, it’s important that these checks are carried out.

The Release Date for SU22 Summer ’22 will depend on your instance of Salesforce, but the main release weekends are on…

·          May 21st 2022

·          June 4th 2022

·          June 11th 2022

If you already know the instance your production Org is located on, you can head over to Salesforce Trust, click on your instance name, and hit “Maintenance”. This will show you the date of the Salesforce SU22 Summer ’22 release hitting your Org.

If you don’t know your instance, the quickest way to find out is to head to company information within Setup in your Salesforce.

Salesforce Certification Release Cycle for Summer 22 (SU22) 

Exam Launch Date*                                             

  • Summer '22 (SU22) August 24, 2022           

Exam Close Date*

  • Summer '22 (SU22) December 5, 2022


Highlights from the Salesforce SU22 Summer ‘22 Release

Swarming: Salesforce customers will be able to resolve cases faster by getting real-time support from experts in relevant departments. 

Subscription Management: New Sales Cloud automation processes help customers manage and monetize recurring subscriptions across self-service channels. 

Intelligent Fraud Management: Loyalty Management will now include an intelligent fraud detection feature that allows customers to more easily detect potential program fraud and respond quickly.

Einstein Predictions for Net Zero: Intelligent predictions will give businesses recommendations for how they can best reduce emissions, helping them get to Net Zero faster.

Triggered Campaign Messages: Marketing Cloud Personalization users will be able to trigger personalized experiences for their customers based on catalog changes or behavioural signals like cart abandonment. This opens up a new way to re-engage customers using their preferred channel.

Exceed your business goals with the SU22 Summer ’22 release by seamlessly integrating your data, finding meaningful insights, and building lifelong customer relationships.

How to Use the Release Notes in SU22 Summer ’22
Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. We include setup information, tips to help you get started, and best practices to ensure your continued success.

Get Ready for the Release of SU22 Summer ’22
Reading the release notes is a great step in preparing for the release. These other resources help get you, your org, and your users ready for what’s coming your way. We add resources throughout the release when they become available, so check back often.

How and When Do Features Become Available? For SU22 Summer ’22
Some features in SU22 Summer ’22 affect all users immediately after the release goes live. Consider communicating these changes to your users beforehand so that they’re prepared. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.

Supported Browsers for SU22 Summer ’22
We’ve made some changes to our supported browsers documentation, making it easier to find what you need. Supported browsers for Salesforce vary depending on whether you use Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience.

Salesforce Overall
Update primary billing contact information directly in the Your Account app. With matrix questions in Salesforce Feedback Management, create shorter surveys and help participants complete surveys faster. In Salesforce Scheduler, ​​share service resource availability using Appointment Invitation URL and check out two new flows. Explore many enhancements to Search and much more in SU22 Summer ’22

Sync data with improved connectors, get more customer insights with the Opportunity embedded dashboard, and make better business decisions when you use trending data to fine-tune predictions.

Commerce Cloud enhancements include new and updated features for Salesforce B2B and B2C Commerce, Commerce Einstein, Omnichannel Inventory, and Salesforce Order Management.

Make your org more secure thanks to updated restriction rules and permissions. Improve system performance and health with enhancements to the way picklist management and values are handled. Get better address data accuracy and improve user experience with Custom Address Fields (beta).

Development for SU22 Summer ’22
Whether you’re using Lightning components, Visualforce, Apex, or our APIs with your favorite programming language, these enhancements help you develop amazing applications, integrations, and packages for resale to other organizations.

Get insights from unstructured text with Einstein Discovery Text Clustering. Einstein Prediction Builder is easier to use with a new guided flow and automatic data-checking as you build. Plus, Einstein Reply Recommendations can identify common replies in 16 languages, helping your agents provide consistent messaging to your global customer base. Read on to discover even more productivity-boosting Salesforce Einstein features.

Experience Cloud
Customers with Experience Cloud licenses can reap the benefits of full access to all the features included in Salesforce CMS. On LWR sites, you can build flows across all templates and add links to button and form components or any layout component that can be made into a link. Enhancements to Mobile Publisher for Experience Cloud apps make app navigation easier.

Field Service in SU22 Summer ’22
Enhanced Scheduling and Optimization helps you get your schedule in top shape with improved scheduling and travel time predictions, and the flexibility to select which territories use Enhanced Optimization. Troubleshoot work order generation issues with new status messages that help you take the next steps. Customers can stay COVID-safe by using their own devices to sign service reports. The Field Service mobile app keeps work running smoothly with automatic status changes, limited location tracking, and an all-in-one view of appointments, work orders, and absences for mobile workers.

Hyperforce is a new infrastructure architecture that unifies the foundations of the various clouds and allows Salesforce to scale rapidly and securely using public cloud partners. Leveraging our public cloud partners allows us to expand quickly and also helps us meet local data storage requirements. Hyper force allows us to grow using common tools, deployment patterns, security practices, and more.

Industries in SU22 Summer ’22
Get started faster with Guided Setup support in several Industries clouds. Track your carbon footprint with Net Zero Cloud. Manufacturing Cloud helps leverage customer forecasts into business opportunities for you. Nurture relationships and run branches better with Financial Services Cloud. Health Cloud empowers care providers to support patients more closely and helps patients do more for themselves, while Loyalty Management brings you closer to your program partners and members with enhanced transaction journals and filters. Public Sector Cloud brings enhanced support for inspections, investigations, and health care plans.

Marketing in SU22 Summer ’22
Marketing Cloud is the premier platform for delighting customers with 1:1 customer journey. It enables you to build a single view of your customer, leveraging data from any source. Plan and optimize unique customer journeys based on your business objectives. Deliver personalized content across every channel and device at precisely the right time. Measure the impact of each interaction on your business so that you can optimize your approach in real time and deliver better results.

Forecast types are grouped by user role, including quantity measures, schedule dates, and product dates. Mobile Publisher updates include Enhanced Mobile App Security (pilot), default bottom tab bar navigation visibility, and new navigation features. In Briefcase Builder, related record priming is generally available, higher record limits offer increased flexibility, and new filters were added.

You can now apply completion actions to subsets of prospects with conditional logic. You also get sharable campaigns in Lightning, email bounce reports, and improvements to enhanced landing pages. Plus, get real-time prospect updates in Slack with the new Account Engagement app for Slack.

Get the most out of your Salesforce data with Quip. Use multi-factor authentication to protect your Quip data. Simplify Quip user account and API key management with new Quip API methods. Get faster performance with enhanced, more lightweight Quip API methods. Use new fields in Quip objects to gather more accurate Quip user engagement metrics.

Revenue in SU22 Summer ’22
Use Subscription Management to sell subscriptions and drive more revenue. Enable a release update in Salesforce CPQ, and use Salesforce CPQ Plus to track asset lifecycles. Review a change in Salesforce Billing.

Sales in SU22 Summer ’22
Use new Sales Enablement features to improve your company’s training and enablement experience. Unlimited and Performance Edition orgs can access several Sales Cloud features without purchasing add-on licenses. You can enable person accounts without reaching out to Salesforce Support. We’re also rolling out lots of new features for Collaborative Forecasts, Salesforce Maps, Einstein Conversation Insights, and other Sales Cloud features.

Salesforce CDP (Customer Data Platform) in SU22 Summer ’22
Customer Data Platform, formerly Salesforce CDP, helps you connect and unify customer data across systems, power the connected and personalized marketing experiences that your customers expect, and analyze cross-channel engagement behavior. Activate loyalty, transaction, engagement attributes, and more from Customer Data Platform. Marketers can send additional customer profile information to marketing platforms, like Marketing Cloud Engagement, to enhance personalized communications. As a developer, you can use the CDP Python connector to leverage the power of Query API to extract data from Customer Data Platform into your environment.

Salesforce Flow in SU22 Summer ’22
Salesforce is continuing its investment in Flow by launching new capabilities that make it easier to get work done, while seamlessly delivering experiences that engage customers. With that in mind, Einstein Automate is now Salesforce Flow. Compose intelligent workflows with Flow Builder, OmniStudio, and Flow Orchestration. Integrate across any system with Flow Integration. Build and deliver personalized recommendations with Einstein Next Best Action.

Salesforce for Slack in SU22 Summer ’22
Use Slack and Salesforce together to connect with customers, track progress, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver team success from anywhere.

Security, Identity, and Privacy
Enhanced domains now work with sandboxes, offer redirects, and lend more secure login options. You can now log in with your Microsoft credentials, access and maintain consumer keys and consumer secrets more securely, and streamline your transition to using multi-factor authentication. Gather preference information consistently with reusable templates in Privacy Center. Salesforce Shield offers encryption and event tracking for more data and control over Transaction Security metering behavior. Use Security Center to create security-centric reports, and define security policies for all connected tenants (generally available). Private Connect support for AWS integrations is available in the EMEA and APAC regions. And remember to prepare inbound and outbound connections for the Private Connect network upgrade.

Service in SU22 Summer ’22
Take advantage of new Service Cloud features that help you and your team deliver smart, swift service. Give customers a personalized experience on your mobile app or website with Messaging for In-App and Web (generally available). Monitor disruptions in more places with third-party integrations for Incident Management. Break down team silos and speed up time to resolution with swarming on incidents, problems, and change requests in Slack. Voice call transfer enhancements and agent flags and whispers provide control and flexibility. Get Einstein Reply Recommendations in up to 16 languages, and add Einstein Article Recommendations and Case Classification to existing flows. And in Workforce Engagement, the new Intraday Management dashboard helps supervisors identify and resolve unexpected staffing gaps and schedule adherence discrepancies.

Prepare your business, employees, and facilities. Respond to major events, such as the current COVID-19 crisis, with the apps and services in Work.com.

Other Salesforce Products and Services in SU22 Summer ’22
Get the latest information on features from Customer Success Group, Heroku, Idea Exchange, and Trailhead GO.

Release Updates
Salesforce periodically provides release updates that improve the performance, logic, security, and usability of our products. The Release Updates page provides a list of updates that can be necessary for your organization to enable. Some release updates affect existing customizations.

Legal Documentation for SU22 Summer ’22
We made seasonal updates to Salesforce Legal Documents.