Salesforce Real Time Project For Practice Part 1

Salesforce Real Time Project For Practice. This Project is from basic to advance Salesforce Real Time Project For Practice is for those people who are searching for the same on google or Bing.

Hello friends we are going to make a salesforce project on travel industries problem.

this is full salesforce project with real time problem this project content admin part  development part
lightning frame work part visual force pages part and process builder part. this is full real travel industries project from basic to advance .

In this Salesforce Real Time Project For Practice we are going to  solve the problem by making a CRM for the traveling Company.
What Topic We are going to cover  in this project is listed below First We are going to make a app which includes objects tabs and lots of logics

Salesforce Real Time Project For Practice

Salesforce Real Time Project For Practice

Name of the App is Query panel
what is the purpose of this app ?
you know travelling company is totally based on query and query are coming from website mail and
reference and social media so that's why we are making objects than tab than fields for getting leads or query from website we are making  web-lead-form if we are getting lead by reference. for that purpose we have an database from where we can punch the query

In this app we are making workflow rules and process builder for sending email on customer mail id when  customer  submitting the query on website in this app we are making triggers
reports and dashboards for making reports on how many query rejected how many query conformed and how many query  is under process

In this app we are going to make so many lookup relationship and master detail relationship.

We are making process builder  rule and  triggers for auto allocating query's to salesperson as per
destination like if salesperson is domestic salesperson than all domestic query automatically allocate to him if the salespersion is international salespersion than the query is automatically asing to international salesperson.

In app we are going to make visual force pages for showing tabular form of the query list and their is color-code also available like if the query is conform than it will show green color if the query is background color is red that's mean query is rejected.

In this app we are making one functionality for auto popup or bilking system on follow-up query which help salesperson to remember that query it is in follow up

In this query panel app we are going to make one panel for query allocation system in which admin can allocate query manually if any salesperson is on leave than query is allocated by admin to other salesperson.

this is one app will completed now we are moving in the second part of the project in second part we are making booking panel for the operation purpose in this app  in this section we are making three panel

One is land part in which we adding hotel sightseeing and generating the invoice for that part we can print this invoice and we can save as pdf also it full latter head invoice genration part.

second is air part in which we are making panel for ticketing purpose in which we are add the cost of flight third part is visa part in which we are making visa proceeding pannel.

all panel associate with workflow rule visual force pages lighting components and lots of development part this is the full project detail in short

In next session or post we are going to describe each and every panel one by one  with step by step real time project making process 

thank so much pls stay tuned with salesforce keeda

This is full project on Salesforce Real Time Project For Practice

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