"Spring 24 (SP24) Certification Cycle Start date is 13th April 2024"
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Monday, May 30, 2022

Salesforce Certification Release Cycle 2024

Salesforce certification release cycle 2024. Here you can find detail of Salesforce certification release cycle 2024


Salesforce certification release cycle 2023

Salesforce Certification Release Cycle 2024

**Exam Launch Date for salesforce certification release schedule 2024**                         

  • Winter '24 (WI24) December 7, 2022 
  • Spring '24 (SP24) Start Date 13th April, 2023       
  • Summer '24 (SU24) 24th August 2023          

**Exam Close Date for salesforce certification release schedule 2024**

  • Winter '24 (WI24) end date 9th April 2023 
  • Spring '24 (SP24) 20th August 2023
  • Summer '24 (SU24) 10th December 2023

Salesforce Certification Release Cycle 2024 or Salesforce exam release Schedule 2024? You might have been thinking what are these Salesforce-release notes if you are a newbie to Salesforce. Yes, it’s true. The term Salesforce-Release notes is a keyword for the people who are actively working/using on Salesforce. I guess most of the people who are reading this article might have an idea about release notes. Generally, if we are working on a project/product, we maintain key-notes of the product features before go-live. These release notes help stakeholders to know about this product features, pros, and cons.


Now, you might have been thinking why this guy is talking too much about release notes. I like Salesforce very much! The reason is their consistency to provide more and more features to their customers without impacting business, and Salesforce has three major releases per year, and in each release or version, they offer many new features/updates for existing features.

You just read three Salesforce Certification Release Cycle in 2024 or Salesforce exam release Schedule! Yes, it is true! Salesforce named their releases or versions with below names.


Winter (Ex: Winter’24) –        WI24

Spring (Ex: Spring’24) –         SP24

Summer (Ex: Summer’24) –   SU24

Note:- Currently we are in WI24 (Winter 24) and WI24 end Date is 9th April 2024. From 11th December 2023 WI24 (Winter 24) Started. So Current Salesforce certification release is Winter 24 (WI24)

For each release, Salesforce provides a detailed document called Salesforce-release notes which contain the list features delivered with that particular release. Moreover, Salesforce.com communicate about their release plan, dates to their customer very well advanced (at least upcoming one year).

Where can I find Salesforce maintenance schedule?

The answer is: https://status.salesforce.com/products/all/maintenances

Yes, here Salesforce.com provides their maintenance calendar to their customers. Moreover, Salesforce.com giving preview instructions to customers. It helps customers to prepare for an upcoming release.


Maintaining Certifications in Salesforce Certification Release Cycle 2024


You must complete Trailhead maintenance modules relevant to your Salesforce certification(s) in order to keep your certification(s) current. Every year, one maintenance module must be completed for all certifications. You may check your certification status on your “Trailblazer.me” profile once the release modules are available, and you will get an email with all the information you need to perform your maintenance.

Further, while these email reminders are useful, you should not rely only on them; it is your obligation to complete your maintenance modules before the given date. If you don’t finish your maintenance module(s) by the deadline, all certifications associated with that module will expire or, in certain situations, be suspended.

Release Cycle Date Available Due Date* Maintenance Modules Available
Spring '22 April 13, 2022 April 7, 2023 Administrator
B2C Commerce Developer
CPQ Specialist
Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant
Summer '22 August 25, 2022 August 18, 2023 B2B Solution Architect
Heroku Architect
Industries CPQ Developer
JavaScript Developer I
OmniStudio Consultant
OmniStudio Developer
Pardot Specialist
User Experience (UX) Designer
Winter '23 January 18, 2023 December 8, 2023 Marketing Cloud Administrator
Platform App Builder Platform
Platform Developer I
B2C Solution Architect
Architect maintenance module
*Dates are subject to change.

**Salesforce Architect maintenance module 2024 will maintain the following certifications:
  • Data Architect
  • Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect
  • Identity and Access Management Architect
  • Integration Architect
  • Sharing and Visibility Architect
Note: The Salesforce Certified Associate credential does not have any required maintenance. This certification will never expire once earned.

Note for Salesforce Certification Release Cycle in 2024

You must still perform entry-level maintenance to maintain all of your certifications if you gain a new higher-level or advanced certification (e.g., Certified Administrator is entry-level and maintains the Certified Advanced Administrator certification).

The following is a list of Salesforce certifications sorted by role, as well as the Trailhead maintenance courses necessary to keep them up to date, and when those modules will be released.

Retake Policy

Salesforce updates all certification exams 3x per year in accordance with Salesforce certification release cycles 2024 (Winter, Spring, Summer). Within each release cycle, you have 3 chances to take the same certification exam (i.e., Salesforce Certified Administrator). 

  • If you fail your first exam attempt within Salesforce Certification Release Cycle in 2024, you must wait 24 hours before registering for a second attempt. 
  • If you fail your second attempt within a release cycle, you must wait 14 days before registering for a third attempt. 
  • If you fail your third attempt within a release cycle, you must wait until the next release cycle begins before registering for the exam again. 
  • Attempts will reset with the beginning of the next release cycle. 

Retake Pricing

The cost to retake an exam is 50% of its original price; Webassessor will automatically adjust the cost to the retake price.
Note: Certification exams are taxable per local laws. Taxes will be collected at the time of registration.


How to verify Certification Status in Salesforce Certification Release Cycle in 2024?

For checking the certification maintenance status, you can use:

  • ·        Firstly, Trailblazer.me profile
  • ·        Secondly, the Salesforce credentials verification page
  • Further, on your Trailblazer.me profile, check for certifications. After that, for every certification, you will see:

  • ·        Firstly, the certification name
  • ·        Secondly, certification dates
  • ·        Thirdly, the certification description
  • ·        Lastly, certification maintenance status 
  • ·        In the Certification status you can see:
  • ·        Firstly, Active. This means certification is up-to-date.
  • ·        Secondly, Maintenance Due. This means your certification has maintenance due.
  • ·        Thirdly, Expiring Soon. This means your certification is at risk of expiring.
  • ·        Next, Expired. This means your certification is expired due to incomplete maintenance.
  • ·        Lastly, Retired. This means that the certification is no longer available.

FAQ Salesforce release cycle 2024 ?

Q. What if Salesforce certification expires?
If your Salesforce Administrator certificate expires, then any certifications supported by this module, such as Advanced Administrator or Sales Cloud Consultant, will automatically expire too. Head over to the Salesforce Trailhead website to find out more.

Q. How many years Salesforce certifications are valid?

Every certification in Salesforce is valid for 4 months. One should take the test for every 4 months i.e. Spring 23 (SP23), winter 23 (WI23) and summer 23 (SU23) (3 tests in one session).

Q. Do I need to renew Salesforce certification?

Since Spring 2020, all Salesforce certified professionals are required to undertake one maintenance module per year to keep their certification valid and current. So, if you currently hold a certification, it's important to check your Salesforce certification expiration date.

Q. How much does IT cost to maintain Salesforce certification?

Whether you are a developer or Salesforce admin, you will need to take the maintenance exam every release cycle. Each cycle is about four months long, which means you will take the exam approximately three times a year. Besides taking the actual exam, you will also need to pay the once-annual $100 maintenance fee.

Q. Which Salesforce certification is in demand?

Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce Winter 24 (WI24) Administration Certification is one of the most in-demand Salesforce roles. These Tech professionals function as the go-to expert on a business's Salesforce.

Need Salesforce Administrator Practice Test CLICK on the WhatsApp/ChatBot/Mail Icon which showing On Screen

Q. What happens if you don't maintain Salesforce certification?

If you do not do the required maintenance your certification will expire and you will have to retake the exam when you are ready to earn it back.

Q. How do I get a $200 Salesforce voucher?

If you earn your first Salesforce certification between July 1 and September 30, 2022, you'll receive a free $200 certification voucher from Salesforce! This voucher can be used by you or you can give it to a fellow Trailblazer. Be sure to check out the full T&C's as this offer is only valid for qualifying individuals.

Q. What is Salesforce Winter 23 release date?

The Winter '23 Marketing Cloud release occurs October 5, 2022 through October 28, 2022. Some features are made available to your instance within a week of the release.