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Monday, December 17, 2018

Equipment Required to Start a YouTube Channel | how to make you tube channel

how to make youtube channel | equipment required to start a you tube channel | best way to make you tube channel 

Hello Readers,

So I have come across a lot of people who want or already do, Video logging on YouTube or other such social platforms with their own Video Game Streams.

How to create a YouTube Channel !!
So the first question is, how exactly do you create a Youtube channel, The answer is as simple as the chemical formula of water. All you have to do is create a google account namely a gmail account, and use the same credentials to log into youtube. As soon as you login, you'll have your own channel with the username you chose in your gmail id, you can rename the channel by going into your google account and renaming your profile.

You can however create multiple channels by going deeper. I shall cover that in a future post.

Now, Moving on to streaming, Many people have questions, like, how can I have a stream ready PC or Will my PC good enough to stream?

The answer to these questions, is not so simple, as there are different criteria for streaming like what game you want to stream and the hardware specs of your PC. I'm saying this because each and every game has their own minimum and recommended system specs. Like, CSGO is a very CPU intensive game whereas Far Cry relies a lot on GPU power. To have a foolproof streaming PC the user must have both a powerful Graphics Card and a powerful CPU paired with similarly capable RAM, as slow memory will be a cause of a bottleneck in the system.

Personally, I do not have access to high-end PC at home or at work, but still, as per my current system configuration, I can still stream games like CSGO, Fortnite, Paladins and even PUBG, but with custom settings and 30 FPS in almost all of these cases.

Just for an idea, My system specs are as follows:

  • CPU- i5 3470
  • GPU- Gigabyte RX 570 4GB GDDR5 AORUS Edition
  • RAM- 2x4gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz
  • HDD
    • 1TB WD Blue SATA II
    • 500 GB Seagate Barracuda SATA II
    • 500 GB WD Blue SATA II
    • 240 GB WD Green SSD (For OS and CSGO)
  • Mobo- Mercury PH61TZ (no records of this board on the Internet)

Most games I play run smoothly with custom settings (PUBG- 720p high settings @60-120FPS minor frame drops on the new Vikendi Map). Feel free to ask me the settings I use for a particular game, I will give you the settings I use, and in case I haven't played it, I will test and let y'all know.

As for streaming, I have streamed CSGO, PUBG, and Paladins with my PC, CSGO @60FPS, Paladins @60FPS, and PUBG @30FPS all 720p resolution. I do not have links to my streams of the games right now as I deleted the streams, but soon I shall provide the links and update my post.
Here's my youtube channel link

For now, I will just discuss the theoretical requirements for streaming lag and stutter free.

First, let us talk about people who are building a new PC from scratch-

Scenario 1: Budget $500-600 ( approx. 37k to 44k)

For people who want to go for the blue team (Intel Based PC):

For people who want to go Red (AMD):

In both of the above setup you can do 720P streaming and 1080P Streaming on lighter titles. Although in both cases the Processors will be a bottleneck in quite a few scenarios.
The configuration needed will vary according to what the processor and the graphic card can handle.
For instance the x264 encoder in OBS can be set according to the needs, for the above configurations its suggested that you stream at 720p 30fps with 3500 bit rate. If you play at 1080p then downscaling is suggested as that’ll reduce CPU load which will play a big role in the performance of the game as well as the fluidity of the stream, but it is better if you tinker with the settings and find out the sweet spot for yourself and your configuration.

I will do a mid range as well as high end PC configuration for streaming and recording in separate posts.

Please bear in mind I am not talking about capture cards or standalone recording PC. That will be covered at a later time.