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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Salesforce New Administrator Certification Exam syllabus (SP21)–June 2021

Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Guide has been Updated

After June 23, 2021 Trailhead has updated the content of the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide. We provide you with a mapping table of NEW vs. OLD Topics and their Weightings.


If you have booked your cert exam or you are planning to register, there is no reason to freak out! Because the exam objectives as such are not changing much. The knowledge topics and concepts you need to be proficient in are still the same.

What is changing is mostly the grouping and order of the exam outline. Meaning, Trailhead is taking the current exam objectives and groups them into more logical buckets.

There are just very few somewhat newer topics. HOWEVER, as with every release cycle, you need to be familiar with the relevant Release Notes anyways. Some of these topics are now considered baseline knowledge, that’s why they will be mentioned more officially in the exam outline. That’s about it!

What is changing? Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Guide Topics & Weighting

The previously 12 Exam Topics have been re-grouped into 7 Exam Topics.

The weighting has increased significantly on the following topics, which means you will get more Certification Exam Questions on these:

Object Manager & Lightning App Builder (20%) -> increased by 6%

Workflow/Process Automation (16%) -> will be twice as much, increased by 8%

These New Certified Administrator Exam Objectives have been added:

Most exam objectives from the original 12 exam topics are the same. There will be a few new topics to be added which you should already be familiar with from the Release Notes:

Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Forecast Impact

These Certified Administrator Exam Objectives have been removed:

Products & Price Books

Salesforce Content

Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Experience Cloud Site

Salesforce Lightning for Outlook

Mapping Table of New vs. Old Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Guide

Our Salesforce Administrator Certification Video Course, Study Workbook & Practice Exams have been be updated accordingly.

Here’s an overview of how our course curriculum (aka exam outline) will match with the New Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide:

Configuration & Setup (20% )Organizational Setup (3%)
User Setup (7%)
Security & Access (13%)
Object Manager & Lightning App Builder (20%)
Standard & Custom Objects (14%)
Sales & Marketing Applications (12%)
Sales & Marketing Applications (14%)
Service & Support Applications (11%)
Service & Support Applications (13%)
Productivity & Collaboration (7%)
Activity Management & Collaboration (3%)
Desktop & Mobile Administration (3%)
AppExchange (2%)
Data & Analytics Management (14%)
Data Management (10%)
Analytics, Reports & Dashboards (10%)
Workflow / Process Automation (16%)Workflow / Process Automation (8%)