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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Function and Working Of RAM : Difference Between RAM and ROM

Hello readers, in Today's post we will learn about the Difference Between RAM and ROM.Lots of the people don't know difference between ram and rom

Today we are going to talk about RAM and ROM.

Since our young days, we have come across one or both of these terms repeatedly. So what is RAM and What is ROM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory,which is a type or you may say the most used type of volatile memory. What is volatile you say? Well volatile memory means a type of memory where data is not permanently written, instead the data is temporary and can be electronically deleted or flushed when the system switches off, crashes or is restarted. The RAM holds data that is frequently used ,like applications that the user uses everyday gets loaded into the RAM so the user can access the needed application seamlessly.

The below image shows different types of RAMs :

Now, what is a ROM? ROM stands for Read Only Memory and it is a type of Non-Volatile memory, which means that the data once written on it cannot be erased not even if the computer is switched off. ROMs are used to store crucial data like firmware, BIOS, CMOS, etc. Most Roms look like Integrated Circuits on the Motherboard PCB. They are smaller in size than RAM chips, ROMs are much faster than RAM and very small in capacity than RAMs, example a RAM can be as small as 8MB (on ancient systems) and can go up to as much as a few terabytes (In modern day server computers), whereas ROMs are way smaller , which can range from a few kilobytes (in ancient times) to a few megabytes (modern PCs).

Now talking about the difference between RAM and ROM, ROMs have slower read and write speeds in current generation chips.

Few types of RAM :-
SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) is the type of memory that was prevalent in the past, and is the predecessor to the currently used DDR SDRAM.