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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How To Use Salesforce custom domain [ best way in 5 step ]

Today we discus how to use salesforce custom domain  and Advantages of salesforce custom domain. 

lets go to start. we know lots of people are new in salesforce that why we make this step by step guide for how to use Salesforce custom domain. 

We know that salesforce is world best and number 1 CRM tool in the world and its consume 40% crm market and its grow day by day. which is show in image. 

Salesforce custom domain

Salesforce have lots  of parts but now these days Salesforce lightning framework  is most trending and popular Across various crm market share 2018 and company's. 

But did you know if you used Salesforce lightning framework first you have to Enable Saleforce custom domain in your salesforce Development sandbox. 

Without Salesforce custom domain you are not able to work on Salesforce lightning component framework in salesforce org.

In the  topic of how to use my Domain in salesforce first we have to know what is Salesforce custom domain?. 

Custom  domain is not look like this domain www.salesforcekeeda.com  but Custom domain in salesforce is look like this which is shown in the image 

Salesforce custom domain

most of company uses Salesforce custom domain for there branding you can use  Custom domain as per your name  if  its available the salesforce org if  it is not avilable in salesforce org. Than you are use your brand name as my domain because the brand name is unique for every comapany. Now we going to know all point of salesforce Custom domain considerations step by step. after this guide you will able to do salesforce domain management.

Lets its time to know advantages of salesforce custom domain

Here we go 

Create a sub domain with My Domain to enable users to single sign-on into your org. You can also customize your login page and use Salesforce as an identity provider.

Salesforce Custom Domain allows you to:

  • Customize the login page with your own branding.
  • Use Identity features for single sign-on. My Domain is required to:
  • Enable users to single sign-on into a Salesforce org
  • Use a Salesforce org as an identity provider for single sign-on into third-party applications or other Salesforce orgs
  • Preserve deep links (such as https://yourDomain.my.salesforce.com//001/o) through any future org splits and migrations.
Now lets its time see step by step guide of  How To Use My Domain In Sales force 

How To Use My Domain In Sales force ?

Step 1.

First you have to login into your salesforce Development sandbox

Step 2.

Than go to gear icon and click on it which is in the left side of your salesforce profile and in the gear icon click on the setup button which is shown in the image 

Salesforce custom domain

Step 3.
Than to go to quick search option and search for my domain and hit enter on my domain 

Salesforce custom domain

 Step 4.

Than enter your domain name at position 1 and check its available or not as shown at number 2 check on  i agree option and click on register Domain  

Salesforce custom domain
 Step 4. 

Than go to your mail box salesforce send you email regarding this where a link is present in email pls click on that it will verify you  if you are not verify your email salesforce will show pending status at your domain registration page  

Salesforce custom domain

Step 5.

Next after clicking on verification link  salesforce login penal open  where you have to login again after login you salesforce address bar link will change into the your domain you can see it on the address bar 
here is the best video on it if like to watch 

video on How To Use My Domain In Sales force


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Now i hope you all are able and perfect in how to Enable my domain salesforce in  salesforce org. 

this is my method to enable Salesforce custom domain in saleforce org if you have any further step in this process than comment me