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About Us

Salesforcekeeda :  is highly dedicated website for latest technology tips and tricks, it covers all the topic in salesforce, lightning, APEX, triggers, admin, and latest blogging tips, online earning tips adsense tips and vlogging tips. This website is highly recommended for digital marketing like SEO tips, and how to grow your website traffic. It defines all the latest trending tips and technology. This website is highly dedicated for its online earning course, digital marketing courses and salesforce topics.

Salesforce as we all know, is a highly demanded CRM tool in the market, which is why lot of people want to learn about ii nowadays. But since salesforce is a fairly new tool compared to the others in the market they do not know about it and hence want to learn about it in any way that they can find, that is where salesforcekeeda comes into play, we provide free lessons and guidance to salesforce aspirants. The person in charge of giving tips and topics has 3 years’ experience in Digital marketing and 2.6 years work experience as Salesforce Developer.

All of you know that the current trend of online earning is getting quite popular and so is the demand for digital marketing increasing, digital marketing terms like Adsense, Adword, Blogging, Backlink building, Black hat SEO and White hat SEO have seen an increase in search volumes.

Many people search for ways to increase their website traffic and we at salesforcekeeda are providing tips on digital marketing and SEO tricks with video lectures. So you can read first then you can watch the videos which will help you learn more on the topics and help you understand better.

We will upload videos related to queries and given topics every day for you to watch and learn from. We will give you lots of tips and tricks that how we do and you can also grow your online traffic with the help of our tips.
If you are a website developer then you must be pretty aware that without digital marketing and SEO tricks it is next to impossible in getting good audience reach, which in turn will give your website bad search ranking in search results. 

Through this website we also teach and give tips on blogging, about how you can write good blogs to what is the best way to write a blog.
We will also give tips to those who aspire to get their blogs monetized using Google adsense or similar CPC or CPM service providers. Similarly we also provide tips, tricks and tutorials on Vlogging, on youtube and other social media websites.

But as of now we have seen the rise in popularity of Youtubing and a huge increase in the number of people aspiring to become popular youtubers. So if you’re an aspirant this is the perfect destination for you to learn it, we will teach you how to post good vlogs, give you, ideas of what’s trending and we will also tell you how to monetize your channel if in case you want it to be monetized.

So for all the above topics, technologies, terms and tutorials, you know the name, Salesforcekeeda and our URL is www.salesforcekeeda.com . Reach us any time to learn more. Below is a summary of what we have to offer.

On this website throughout all the sections of the website we have written blogs on every 

salesforce topics as follows:

  1. Salesforce Admin
  2. Salesforce Lightning
  3. Salesforce Classic
  4. Salesforce Light Component
  5. Salesforce Sales Cloud
  6. Salesforce APEX
  7. Salesforce Triggers
  8. Salesforce Workflow Rule
  9. Salesforce Process Builder

We make posts and tutorials on all topics with videos so you can read and watch how salesforce modules work