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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Salesforce Spring 21 (SP21) Vlocity Platform Essential Dumps Sample for practice

Salesforce Vlocity Platform Essential Spring 21 (SP21) Dumps Salesforce Vlocity Platform Essential Spring 21 (SP21) Dumps for Practice Salesforce Vlocity Platform Essential Spring 21 (SP21) Sample Dumps Questions answered for Practice

Salesforce Spring 21 (SP21) Dumps For practice Salesforce Spring 21 (SP21) Certified Dumps for Practice

Salesforce Spring 21 (SP21) Vlocity Platform Essential Dumps

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Note : - It Just A certification exam question example which help you to understand what type of questions asked by the salesforce in certification exam it’s not dumps it’s just like sample question for giving the idea about which type of questions come in exam because we see lots of people are confuse when they go for the examination we see they have lots of query regarding examination. that why we written this for just a information if you have any query regarding salesforce certifications examination you can chat with us on our chatbot. dumps are not the good choice for the examination even you got clear you have not enough knowledge about salesforce that mean you cannot performed your task in your work and it is gone to be drawback for your career if you have query regarding salesforce certification exam you can message us in chat bot which is showing on the screen

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Overview of  Vlocity Platform Essential Spring 21 (SP21)

Velocity platform essential exam is also termed as Vlocity platform developer certification. It is a certification exam for anyone who has a technical role such as platform developers, UI developers, solution architects and technical architects.

To become certified as Vlocity Platform Developer, Platform Essentials is a prerequisite and it is also mandatory to complete this course.

Platform essential offers practical, hands on introduction to velocity digital interaction platform for platform developers or anyone who has a technical role in Vlocity ecosystem.

If You Want any Spring 21 (SP21) Vlocity Platform Essential Certifications Dumps Practice Material CLICK on the WhatsApp/ChatBot/Mail Icon which showing On Screen

More about Salesforce Vlocity Platform Essential exam/ Vlocity Platform developer exam Spring 21 (SP21)

To get certified as Vlocity Platform Developer/ Vlocity Platform Essential Developer, it is mandatory to complete Velocity Platform Essential Training as the entire exam will be based on this.

Giving a basic overview of this training, it consists of following topics:

  • Introduction to Vlocity.
  • Introduction to Vlocity Lightning Web Component.
  • Providing Context with Vlocity cards.
  • Successful Interactions with Vlocity OmniScript.
  • Vlocity Integration Procedures and other data tools.
  • Building and testing industry Consoles.

These are the basic topics upon which the candidate will be tested upon in the certification examination.

How to schedule the examination and what is the duration and cost of registration for the examination?

To schedule an examination you will need to create an account on Webassessor. There will be a list of certification exams for which the candidate will have to select Vlocity Platform Developer Certification upon which the page will ask for the date and time of the examination. Select the appropriate date and time according to your convenience and click next and pay the amount.

The cost of this certification exam is 200 USD. One can enter the voucher code to get this certification free of cost.

There will be around 50 questions and 90 minutes will be provided to complete the exam. The test window will automatically close on completion of the given time.

To take the exam again, you will need to wait for seven days to request retake and will cost you 100 USD. One can take an exam only three times.

Certifications and Logos

After successfully passing VCA-level certification exam, an email will be received with the certificate and logos from Webassessor.

Sample questions asked in examinations:

Here are some sample questions to give an idea about the type of questions asked.

  1. Which Omni Script component can return a count of the total number of a specified element in the Data JSON?
  1. Input lookup Component
  2. Formula function Component
  3. Input Number Component
  4. Aggregate Function Component
  1. Set error actions must always have a conditional view
  1. True
  2. False
  1. What is the next step that you would do after downloading Data Packs from the Vlocity Process Library?
  1. Link your salesforce org to each components of the data packs
  2. Modify each component to your org’s requirements
  3. Nothing
  4. Enable the components again

  1. Which of these card states has no fields and has only limited actions?
  2. Hidden Card State
  3. Blank Card State
  4. Deactivated Card State
  5. Empty Card State

If You Want any Spring 21 (SP21) Vlocity Platform Essential Certifications Dumps Practice Material CLICK on the WhatsApp/ChatBot/Mail Icon which showing On Screen