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Salesforce Su20 Admin 201 Dumps Practice Sample Questions Answers

Salesforce Su20 admin 201 Dumps practices Questions Answers Salesforce Su20 admin 201 Dumps Admin Practise Questions Answers

It Just A certification exam question example which help you to understand what type of questions asked by the salesforce in certification exam its not dumps its just like sample question for giving the idea about which type of questions come in exam because we see lots of people are confuse when they go for the examination we see they have lots of query regarding examination. that why we written this for just a information if you have any query regarding salesforce certifications examination you can chat with us on our chatbot. dumps are not the good choice for the examination even you got clear you have not enough knowledge about salesforce that mean you can not performed your task in your work and it is gone to be drawback for your career if you have query regarding salesforce certification exam you can message us in chat bot which is showing on the screen

1. How can an administrator capture custom lead data on the converted
contact when converting a lead?
A. Map custom lead fields to standard contact fields.
B. Use the lead conversion wizard to select the fields.
C. Map custom lead fields to custom contact fields.
D. Use the data loader to move the custom lead data.

2. How can an administrator allow all internal users to view a dashboard as a
sales manager a sales region?
A. Create a dashboard for all opportunities in the region.
B. Create a dashboard to run as the logged in user.
C. create a dashboard to run as a specified user.
D. Create a dashboard with multiple components.

3. What are two considerations when configuring workflow rules?
Choose 2 answers
A. Rule actions can take place immediately or can be time based.
B. All existing records are evaluated when a new rule is activated.
C. Rules must be deactivated before using the data import wizard.
D. Rules can be evaluated when records are created or edited.

4. Universal containers (UC) is rolling out a new approval process. As the last
step in the process after an opportunity has been approved, UC wants to send
a contract to its customer for signature.
What should an administrator suggest to implement this functionality?
A. Hire a consulting firm to develop a document signing framework.
B. Check the “send PDI” box on the approval process setup.
C. Install an app from the AppExchange.
D. Utilize the salesforce Auto sign flow.

5. The support group at universal containers wants agents to capture different
information for product support and inquiry cases. In condition, the lifecycle
for product support cases should have more steps than the lifecycle for inquiry
Which three features should an administrator use to meet these requirement?
Choose 3 answers
A. Permission sets.
B. Record types.
C. Support processes.
D. Field-level security.
E. Page layouts.