Friday, September 13, 2019

Salesforce SU19 Pd1 Dumps Practice Questions Answers

1. Why would a developer use Test. startTest( ) and  Test.stopTest( )

A. To avoid Apex code coverage requirements for the code between these lines
B. To start and stop anonymous block execution when executing anonymous
C. Apex code
D. To indicate test code so that it does not Impact Apex line count governor limits.
E. To create an additional set of governor limits during the execution of a single test class.
Ans: E

2. What must the Controller for a Visualforce page utilize to override the Standard Opportunity view button?

A. The StandardSetController to support related lists for pagination.
B. The Opportunity StandardController for pre -built functionality.
C. A callback constructor to reference the StandardController.
D. A constructor that initializes a private Opportunity variable.
Ans: C

3.A developer uses a before insert trigger on  Lead object to fetch the Territory _C object, where the Territory_c.PostalCode_c matches the Lead.Postalcode .The code fails when the developer uses the Apex Loader to insert 10000 Lead records. The developer has the following code block:
  for(Lead 1 :
    if (1.Posta1Code null) {
List<Territory c> terrList [SELECT Id FROM Territory c WHERE  PostalCode c  = : 1. PostalCode ;
 if(terrList.size() > 0) {
   1.Territory c terrList[0].Id;
Which line of code is causing the code block to fail?

A. 03: A SOQL query is located inside of the for loop code.
B. 01: Trigger:new is not valid in a before insert Trigger.
C. 02: A NullPointer exception is thrown if PostalCode is null.
D. 05: The Lead in a before insert trigger cannot be updated.
Ans: A

4. What would a developer do to update a picklist field on related Opportunity records when a modification to the associated Account record is detected?

A. Create a process with Process Builder.
B. Create a workflow rule with a field update.
C. Create a Lightning Component.
D. Create a Visualforce page.
Ans: A

5. Which requirement needs to be implemented by using standard workflow instead of Process Builder?
Choose 2 answers

A.   Create activities at multiple intervals.
B.   Send an outbound message without Apex code.
C.   Copy an account address to its contacts.
D.   Submit a contract for approval.
Ans: A, B


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