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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Salesforce Apex Trigger Tutorial Beginner to Advance

TRIGGER is the apex code that's get execute automatically when DML oppression performed
A TRIGGER is performed for validation and automations when DML Oppression will perform. but  we have already use workflow rule for that and we have validations rule also so why we are working on trigger  this is big question which is ask by the interviewer and other person and one major question which is also arise is that what  is the difference between  Workflow rule and trigger whenever both are working for the validations why it is used all of questions come in your mind don't worry I will explain all of your question by my scenario on triggers in this tutorial we are going to cover  lots of real projects example so that you can better  understand  with it just follow with this and do with  same

we will upload all the tutorial soon pls update with us